Canton Bandag purchases Overman Cushion Tire

Reprinted newspaper article from 2007:

Overman Cushion Tire Co.

Canton Bandag bought Overman Cushion Tire Co, a rebuilder of antique solid tires, from its ailing owner in 2005. In addition to selling new passenger tires, retreading truck and specialty tires, Canton Bandag / Overman Cushion rebuilds antique solid tires for antique trucks, fire engines, wagons and carriages dating from the 1880’s to date.

Their business philosophy is: “ Treat people with respect, treat them honestly and deliver a quality product. We strive to build a good name and our best advertising is by word of mouth.”

Canton Bandag’s industrial tire business provides a base of expertise. Antique tire rebuilding is along the same lines as industrial tire remanufacturing.

“Customers from all over North America, will send entire hub assemblies with tires or sometimes just the bands to build the tires on. We offer wood spoke wheel rebuilding as well as recasting of iron wheels. Rebuilding of antique tires is a meticulous process.”

“The step-by-step process to build a set of  tires takes a few months. It’s a learning experience, but we enjoy the uniqueness of the business.”

The manufacturing process is offered on a first-come, first served basis.

Canton Bandag Tire Co is located at 3321 Bruening Ave SW in Canton Ohio.

Overman Cushion Tire banner
Overman Cushion Antique Tires

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